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Detoxification Program

Detoxification, or detox, is a medically monitored process to help individuals cleanse their body of drugs or alcohol and safely manage their withdrawal symptoms. Everyone has a different experience with detox depending on their history of alcohol or drug use and several other factors which may include underlying medical conditions.


Our treatment philosophy is to provide a wide variety of approaches to meet the needs of the individual, understanding that the stages of recovery and unique circumstances are different for each person. We believe people can shift from dependency to self-reliance through increased self-confidence, self-esteem, structure, and an appreciation for the potential of self-determination through the adoption of a positive lifestyle.


Youth Counselling
& Family Support

We have two programs dedicated to alcohol and drug counselling for youth and support to their families.


Adolescent Outreach Program

This program provides support and therapeutic counselling to youth up to the age of 25 with substance use issues in schools and community in both Merritt and Kamloops, British Columbia. A Day One Society counsellor works closely with other community services, school districts, and the Ministry for Children and Family Development to ensure wrap around care and services for youth. Youth who are impacted by someone else's substance use can also access this program. To access this program for yourself or make a referral for someone else, call 250-374-4634 or 1-877-318-1177.


Raven Program:
Youth Counselling & Family Support

The Raven Program works with youth up to the age of 25, their families, and community to bring about healthy lifestyle changes. Our focus is to provide counselling, education, and support to reduce harm related to substance use. Youth who are impacted by someone else's substance use can also access this program.


Statistics show that at one point in time, all youth in our society will be exposed to substance misuse. To youth who experience problems at home or in school and are engaged in high-risk drug or alcohol-related activity, we offer a creative, respectful environment for group and one-to-one counselling. The Raven Program is based on the Harm Reduction concept focused on minimizing harm and reducing the negative consequences. To access this program for yourself or make a referral for someone else, call 250-374-4634 or 1-877-318-1177.


Treatment Program for Young Women

Osprey Program: Female Specific Substance Use Treatment


We recognize that substance use is symptomatic of many other aspects of a young person’s life. Day One Society’s Osprey Program is a three-to-six-month treatment program designed to assist young women who are experiencing issues related to substance use.


Clients are able to benefit from a care home model, living with families who are trained to provide guidance and support in a safe and respectful environment.


STLR—Supportive Transitional Living in Recovery 

Day One Society, in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association Kamloops Branch, provides supportive recovery beds for adults at two locations in the city of Kamloops through the Supportive Transitional Living in Recovery Program (STLR). The STLR program supports adults who are 19 years or older who have successfully completed the detox portion of their recovery process and are continuing with outpatient programming in the interest of maintaining recovery.


Clients must be willing to participate in programming as it relates to their individualized treatment plan and life skills programming.

Day One Society would like to thank the following funders/supporters for their generous support:

Green Gradient

“I looked around and all the people that I saw were very inspirational to me. I saw how far they came — most of them had lived experience as well.”

(Out of the Ashes Bursary recipient)

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