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Leann Kopytko Receives Prestigious Exemplary Service Award

On April 17, 2024, Leann Kopytko, Program Supervisor at Day One Society (D1S), was honoured with the prestigious Exemplary Service Award by the City of Kamloops. This award recognizes individuals who have selflessly dedicated their time and service to our community’s growth and development and to the well-being of Kamloops citizens.

“I would like to thank the Mayor and Council, City of Kamloops for this very special recognition,” said Leann. “Receiving an award of such high merit and recognition for my own work, is truly a reflection of the work that has been done in this community by all the people who have worked or continue to work at D1S. The other 8 candidates chosen are inspiring, selfless, and incredible!”

Image Credit: City of Kamloops/Peter Olsen

Central to Leann’s impactful work is the Out of the Ashes Bursary, introduced in 2007 as a preventive initiative with her late husband Ron. Through this bursary, she has not only provided over $100,000 to individuals in recovery so they can realize their educational aspirations but also served as a source of inspiration, empowering individuals to reclaim their lives and reducing the stigma around addiction.

 “Thank you to all the individuals in Kamloops and across cities and provinces who have made the effort to donate and contribute to something that I believe is changing the trajectory of people's lives out of addiction and into recovery. Kamloops has always lifted me when I needed it, and I am honoured to give back,” she added. “We are constantly looking for donations for the bursary and would love a corporate sponsor or two so we can keep giving back to the community.”

Leann’s passion for positively changing the trajectory of youth is also evident in her work raising funds for the Raven Program at D1S, which offers youth counselling and family support for those struggling with addictions. Additionally, she is focused on advocating for money for a Sobering Centre that would help reduce the pressure and use of detainment and city cells, as well as emergency and hospital services.


“There is no place in Kamloops for adult women in recovery beyond 6 months in a supportive recovery program to transition next where they will be around others who are sober and in recovery. This huge gap continues to put women in recovery at further risk for homelessness, hustling and being exposed frequently to health and safety risks,” she said.


Without a doubt, the recognition of Leann’s contributions by the City of Kamloops serves as a testament to the power of selflessness and the profound impact that one individual can have on a community.

“I want to elevate the stories of possibility, of taking back one’s power and having a chance to live the life you truly deserve. I want to challenge other communities to rise up and to use our privilege to elevate others for the purpose of communal healing,” remarked Leann.

We are so pleased that Leann and her dedication to our city has been recognized and we are incredibly proud to have her as part of our team at Day One Society.



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