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Day One Society Opens Five New Detox Beds

Kamloops, B.C. - Day One Society (D1S), a leading provider of substance services and advocacy for individuals, families, and communities, recently announced the opening of five new youth detox beds at their Phoenix Centre location. These single-occupancy beds, located in the east wing of the inpatient facility, are serving young people aged 24 and under, providing them with specialized care tailored to their unique needs.

“We are delighted to now be able to provide the support young people deserve in a separate and youth-specific wing where we can attend to their specific needs as they go through the first steps of their recovery process,” said Sian Lewis, executive director of D1S. “These extra five beds mark a significant milestone in our commitment to supporting the health and well-being of our community, helping us not only better care for our youth but also free up more space in our adult wing by addressing our wait lists.”

Youth Detox Room at Day One Society’s Phoenix Centre. Photo by Katelyn Faulkner Photography

While the youth detox beds were ready in the summer of 2023, a lack of healthcare and nursing professionals to staff the youth-specific area prevented D1S from welcoming youth into the wing. Despite this, the organization was still able to care for the youth who came to them, placing them in the 20-bed adult wing with enhanced safety protocols and privacy considerations implemented.

Since the five additional beds became operational on February 15, 2024, D1S has served 11 youth over a six-week period.

“This is on par with the number of young people we served prior to the opening of these beds, but we anticipate this number will increase as more youth and families are made aware of this specialized service,” noted Lewis.

“Mental health and substance use services for people throughout Kamloops and surrounding areas continue to develop,” said Carla Mantie, director of clinical operations, mental health and substance use, Interior Health West. “We are committed to expanding and strengthening our services with goals that they will become more accessible and sustainable for the diverse population we serve.”

Lewis further emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the availability of specialized services for young people.

“Young individuals often don’t perceive themselves in need of specialized care such as in-patient detox. Compared to older clients, they might not have experienced as many negative consequences, and their health is not as compromised. However, it is crucial for youth to know that these services are available and that we provide care tailored to their age and phase of development."

Day One Society's Executive Director Sian Lewis (left) and Board Chair Marilyn McLean (right). Photo by Katelyn Faulkner Photography

While D1S has made significant strides in recruitment efforts over the last few months, the need for additional licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses remains critical.

“Our medical detox unit requires a certain standard of care, including professional staff such as nurses. We remain hopeful about filling our last three vacant nursing positions and attracting more casual staff,” added Lewis.

To incentivize recruitment, D1S is offering a $20,000 signing bonus to registered nurses, psychiatric nurses, and licensed practical nurses who accept a full-time position for a minimum of two years.

“We are proud of the dedication and expertise of our staff,” Lewis added. “Our team of professionals work closely together to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered to each person who reaches out for help. We look forward to welcoming new recruits who share our passion for supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.”

To arrange an interview, contact:

Aleece Laird, Communications Liaison || 250.574.0221

About Day One Society

Day One Society provides services and programs to bring hope, help, and healing to youth and adults experiencing issues or challenges with substance use. They respect the integrity of each human being and believe that each person can change and with support, accept personal responsibility for their own physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. The society’s mandate is to:

• Provide medically supported withdrawal management treatment to adults and youth struggling with substance use issues.

• Provide education, counselling, outreach, and support to youth and families impacted by substance use.

• Provide education to the larger community, raising awareness about the issue of substance use.

• To provide supportive recovery services to adults.


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