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Big Signing Bonus for Nurses

As reported in Okanagan Edge: In a move to combat the rising tide of substance abuse among the younger population, Day One Society is launching an ambitious initiative to staff its newly established youth detox wing.

Recognizing the urgent need to address this escalating crisis, the Kamloops organization is offering a $20,000 signing bonus to dedicated nurses ready to make a difference in the lives of young individuals.

Last summer marked a significant milestone for Day One Society, with the opening of five new youth-specific beds at its Phoenix Centre, strategically located near Royal Inland Hospital. However, the fulfilment of this vital service has been hampered by a nursing shortage, delaying the wing’s operational status.

Sian Lewis, the executive director of Day One Society, highlighted the growing concern, noting an alarming increase in substance use and, tragically, overdose deaths among the youth.

“That is definitely on the increase, and sadly we’re seeing an increase in overdoses that are resulting in death for very young people,” Lewis says. “So the need for these five beds is significant.”

To address this, Day One Society is extending a unique opportunity to licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses. This generous incentive aims to attract compassionate and skilled professionals willing to commit to a minimum of two years, helping to bring the society’s vision of a youth-specific detox wing to life. The funding for this initiative stems from a surplus generated by the delay in the wing’s opening, underlining the organization’s commitment to making a tangible difference.

The Phoenix Centre’s expansion, which introduces five additional beds dedicated solely to youths up to the age of 24, represents a strategic effort to provide targeted care and support. By separating younger clients from adult patients, the centre aims to offer a safer and more tailored detoxification environment.

This recruitment drive comes at a time when the health-care sector is facing widespread staffing challenges, not just in B.C. but across Canada and even internationally. Day One Society’s innovative approach seeks to alleviate these pressures locally, emphasizing the critical need for specialized care for young people battling substance abuse.

Lewis also shared the society’s ultimate goal: to ensure the youth wing is fully staffed, thereby enhancing the overall capacity of the Phoenix Centre. This expansion is not just about adding beds; it’s about fostering hope, facilitating recovery and saving lives.

The Phoenix Centre operates as a detox unit, providing medical monitoring for individuals undergoing withdrawal, with stays ranging from five days to two weeks. This essential service is a cornerstone of the broader support system for individuals seeking to overcome addiction.

As Day One Society embarks on this crucial mission, it extends an invitation to nursing professionals who share their dedication to making a profound impact on the lives of young people. This is more than a job opportunity; it’s a chance to be at the forefront of addressing a critical public health issue, offering hope and healing to those in need.

More information about Day One Society and its signing bonus incentive for nurses can be found here.


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