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Treatment Program for Young Women

Female Specific Substance Use Treatment

Day One Society’s Osprey Program welcomes you into the next step of your wellness journey. We recognize that substance use is symptomatic of many other aspects of a young person’s life. Day One Society’s Osprey Program is a three-to-six-month treatment program designed to assist young women who are experiencing issues related to substance use. Everyone’s journey is different. We are here to help turn the thought of “one day I’ll get help,” into day one for young women to access the help they need to bring healing. We are committed to making everyone feel safe and supported.


Here is what you need to know:


Program Details

The Osprey Program is also referred to as the Female specific Fulltime Attendance Program (FTAP). The program works in partnership with the Elizabeth Fry Society who provides care home accommodation within the city of Kamloops. The care home model is based on safety, supervision, respect, and support for young women. The program takes a holistic approach to wellness, delivered from a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive lens. All treatment plans are developed to reflect the individual client’s specific and unique needs.


Participants can expect to learn about their substance use and work on their recovery, try new activities, participate in community service, learn life skills, gain confidence, and more.


Program Referral

Young women considered for the program must be:

  • Referred by a Probation Officer and

  • Have a current Court Order with a Condition to attend and successfully complete a Residential Treatment Program or a FTAP condition and a Counselling condition.

  • Download the PROGRAM REFERRAL PACKAGE here. 


The Osprey Program is also contracted with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to provide Day Treatment to female youth in the Thompson Cariboo Service Delivery Area. These youth must be connected with MCFD, but do not have to be on probation (adjudicated) to attend. Referrals for Day Treatment must come from Delegated Agencies including indigenous Delegated Agencies and MCFD.

Contact Kim Govett, Program Supervisor, 250.374.4899,


Program Access

The program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. and is available to adjudicated or non-adjudicated young women struggling with substance use. School is a requirement of the program and young women will participate in the planning of an individualized school program. Clients will attend school on a part-time basis, up to five days per week through the Twin Rivers Education Centre, Downtown Campus in Kamloops.


Program Costs

There are no costs related to program fees for clients who attend this program.

Day One Society would like to thank the following funders/supporters of this program:

mcfd-e1418764428795 copy.png
Green Gradient

“I think my attitudes have changed at Osprey Program. Arguments between me and my parents have completely gone away. I respect myself now, and I have respect for others.”
(Name withheld by request)

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